Episode 19-8 What Is A Street Fighter


In the world of Street Fighter there are sumo wrestlers, karate masters, and even yoga masters. Now there are podcast hosts! Rob stumps Pernell with hottest trivia game: Is This A Real Street Fighter Move!?

This week’s episode was recorded live in a front of a live Patreon member audience! If you’d like to join us for another episode, consider supporting us 🙂

Track list:

  1. Title – Jar’s Revenge – C64 – Sacha Zeidler AKA Linus
  2. Kakariko Crypt – Cadence of Hyrule – Switch – Danny Baranovsky
  3. Gun Metal Action – Wild Arms 3 – PlayStation 2 – Michiko Naruke
  4. Alley Cat Blues – TMNT 4 – SNES – Kozo Nakamura
  5. Bird That Carries You Over A Disproportionately Small Gap – Undertale – Multiple – Toby Fox
  6. Final Boss – Shikhondo Soul Eater – 500ml, BeggarPrince
  7. Have Faith – Crimson Shroud – Nintendo 3DS – Mitsuhiro Kaneda
  8. Login Theme Remix (MapleStory) – JVNA
  9. Cuphead Rap – JT Music
  10. Main Theme – Yomawari: Midnight Shadows – You Ohyama


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