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Episode 16-10 Cartoons LIVE at Everything Is Awesome!

This week on the podcast we listen to music from games based on cartoons! Mainly 90s cartoons, about saving the environment, and selling toys. Lots of toys! Rob quizzes Pernell on his video game knowledge, and Pernell goes off on the insane episodes of the Super Mario Bros. super show cartoon!

This episode was recorded live at the Everything Is Awesome podcast and comedy festival in Philadelphia. Live podcasts and comedians across 4 venues, all to raise money for the HEADstrong foundation.

Track list

  1. Stage 1: Mega Slank – Widget The World Watcher – NES – Fumito Tamayama, Yoko Suzuki
  2. Scene 1 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project – NES – Tomoya Tomita, Yuichi Sakakura, Kozo Nakamura
  3. Athletic Theme – Super Mario Bros. 3 – NES – Koji Kondo
  4. Ending Theme, Space – Mighty Max – Genesis – Matt Furniss
  5. Stage 1 Springfield – The Simpsons – Arcade – Norio Hanzawa
  6. WB Studio Map – Animaniacs – SNES – Tomoya Tomita




Episode 16-8 Comic Books

Rob and Pernell are here! We’re gonna take you for riiiiide! We look at comic book inspired video games, mainly from Marvel comics, and talk about 90s rappers, arcades, and just about anything but comic books! With great VGM power, comes great VGM responsibility. There are some serious jams throughout the episode, you will not be disappointed. Enjoy!

Track list:

  1. Here Comes The Hero – X-Men – Arcade – Seiichi Fukami, Yuji Takenouchi, Junya Nakano, A Hashimoto
  2. Daily Planet – Superman – NES – Hiroyuki Masuno, Ryu Hasegawa
  3. Stage 1 – The Amazing Spider-Man – GameBoy – Tommy Tallarico
  4. Boss Battle – Snoopy vs the Red Baron – PlayStation 2 – Tommy Tallarico
  5. Venom’s Theme – Marvel vs Capcom – Arcade – Masato Kouda, Yuko Takehara
  6. Flugelheim museum – Batman – Genesis – Naoki Kodaka
  7. Marvel vs Capcom 2 Swamp Stage – Lord Bif Music
  8. Stage 2 TMNT 3 – VankiP
  9. Theme of Magneto – Marvel vs Capcom 3 – Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 – Hideyuki Fukasawa