Episode 19-9 Dreamcast 20th Anniversary Party


Grab your headphones, because we’re celebrating the North American release of our favorite video game console! The Sega Dreamcast holds a special place for Rob and Pernell because of it’s eclectic selection of puzzle games, fighting games, shmup games, and their first MMORPG!

Celebrating with us are the fine gentlemen at another game music podcast: Mike and Justin from XVGM Radio! When you’re done listening to our selections, why not check out theirs too!

Track list:

  1. Shakunetsu no Fire Dance – Puyo Puyo Da – Dreamcast – Katsumi “Mighty” Tanaka
  2. My Mashu – Roommania – Dreamcast – Tomoko Sasaki, Keiichi Sugiyama
  3. Into The Crimson – Virtua-On Oratorio Tangram – Dreamcast – Kentaro Kobayashi
  4. Tears Which Died (Stage 5) – Under Defeat – Dreamcast – Shinji Hosoe with Ozaki Masayuki
  5. Battle Theme – Bomberman Online- Dreamcast – Hironao Yamamoto, Shohei Bando
  6. Purple Town – Border Down – Dreamcast – Yasuhisa Watanabe (YACK)
  7. Metal Cover Green Forest – Toxic Eternity
  8. Fear (Rez Edit) – Rez – Dreamcast – Adam Freeland
  9. Track 5 – Get!! Colonies – Dreamcast – Unknown


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