Episode 27-2 Speed Limit 2: Cruise Control


We’re revisiting last week’s topic with more speedy tunes from fast games! Pernell talks about his love of difficult games, and Rob names all the games in the “Strike” series for the Genesis that were shelved! By the end of the episode Rob has named so many games and has gotten so little sleep that he gets a little crazy. Enjoy the show!

Track list

  1. Outride a Crisis – Super Hang On – Genesis – Koichi Namiki, Katsuhiro Hayashi, Sachio Ogawa
  2. Becoming superliminal – Retro City Rampage – Matt Creamer
  3. Night Strike – Jungle Strike – Genesis – Brian Schmidt
  4. Boost – Velocity 2X – PlayStation Vita – Joris de Man, James Marsden
  5. Final Take Off – After Burner II – Arcade – Hiroshi Kawaguchi
  6. Discard – Hypervoid – Kamel Bushnaq
  7. Second Chance – Spy Hunter (2012) – Ryan Hunter
  8. Dusty Dune Devil (Mega Man X2) – Vurez
  9. Hey Sandy – Polaris

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