Episode 27-3 Deep Cuts with Nick Marinelli


This week on the podcast we’re talking about how to slice open our favorite music! Nope! We’re looking for sweet tracks and jams that are hidden in the depths of our favorite games and game consoles! Joining us on this ride is Nick Marinelli, events coordinator for Video Games In Concert! He brings the heat with some jazzy music and an amazing piece from the Washington Metropolitan Gamer Symphony Orchestra!

You can learn more about Video Games In Concert here!

Track list

  1. Museum (Intro Stage) – Rockman & Forte – Super Famicom  – Toshihiko Horiyama, Naoshi Mizuta, Akari Kaida
  2. Boss Battle – Denpa Men 3: The Rise of Digitoll – Nintendo 3DS – Mitsuhiro Kaneda
  3. In Game 1 – Break In – TurboGrafx 16 – Takeaki Kunimoto
  4. Replay – Virtua Racing Deluxe – Sega 32X – Naofumi Hataya
  5. Awoken – I Am the Hero – Liang Huang
  6. Stage 3 – After Burst – Game Boy – Atsuhiro Motoyama
  7. Crystals of Ivalice (Final Fantasy Tactics Advance) – Washington Metropolitan Gamer Symphony Orchestra (Hitoshi Sakimoto, Aioko Saso)
  8. Dark Grab Day Remix (Dark Arms) – Bromery/Akaimizu
  9. On the Rooftop of Taiyo High School (Rival Schools) – Lame Genie (Setsuo Yamamoto)
  10. Spirit  – Stretch Panic – PlayStation – Norio Hanzawa

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