Episode 34-1 Good Food

Are you hungry for some pizza after playing a Ninja Turtles game? Or how about a hankering for a big mushroom after playing some Mario Bros.? Good food is what brings us together, and good looking food in games is what we're talking about! Expect some good fruit, vegetables, grains, and everything else but the entire turkey dinner hidden inside the walls of Count Dracula's castle for some reason. Let's go! Listen to more of the show! https://rhythmandpixels.com Support the podcast! https://patreon.com/rhythmandpixels

Episode 20-2 90s Cartoons and Other Obsessions

This week's episode was streamed live exclusively for our Patreon members! We played music picked by you, and answer your questions! Does Pernell really get super-powers from his beard? Which is the episode of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show? Well, we talk about that one a little too much 😀

Episode 18-6 Happy VGM Solstice!

The sun is shining, the days are longer, and video game music is blooming all around us! We listen to golf games, talk Simpsons, and have an all-around good time!

This week's show was recorded live for our Patreon members! If you would like to help support the show too, head over to Patreon page 🙂 https://patreon.com/rhythmandpixels