Episode 18-6 Happy VGM Solstice!


The sun is shining, the days are longer, and video game music is blooming all around us! We listen to golf games, talk Simpsons, and have an all-around good time!

This week’s show was recorded live for our Patreon members! If you would like to help support the show too, head over to Patreon page 🙂

Track list:

  1. VS Golf – New Everybody’s Golf – PlayStation 4 – Unknown
  2. Stages 2 and 5 – Jackal – NES – Atsushi Fujio, Shinya Sakamoto
  3. Hacking 16 Weight of the World – NieR Automata – Keiichi Okabe
  4. Hold Baroque Inside – Baroque – Saturn, Wii – Masaharu Iwata
  5. Cloud of Darkness Theme (World of Darkness Final Boss) – Final Fantasy XIV – Masayoshi Soken
  6. Toon Village / Snow Village – Motor Toon Grand Prix – PlayStation – Seiji Toda & Hideya Nagata
  7. Formerly Known As Assassin – Dead Cells – Switch, PlayStation 4 – Yoann Laulan
  8. Turmult The Slaughtered – Etrian Odyssey Nexus – Nintendo 3DS – Yuzo Koshiro
  9. The Glint of Cold Steel – Trails of Cold Steel – PlayStation 3 – Saki Momiyama, Falcom Sound Team jdk



  1. Might as well give a bit of info on Motor Toon Grand Prix here, as I’m sure you’ll both be interesting in hearing!

    Motor Toon Grand Prix, released on June 1996 in the US, was directed by Kazunori Yamauchi, who if that name seems somewhat familiar to you, HE IS THE BRAINCHILD BEHIND GRAN TURISMO! In fact, there’s even an unlockable mode in the game called “Motor Toon Grand Prix R” where it was basically a testbed for what would eventually become the first GT game!

    Now (to clear some things up), this Toon Village song is actually from the sequel, Motor Toon Grand Prix 2, as the original game (released in December 1994) was not released outside Japan. The US release of 2 was released as simply “Motor Toon Grand Prix”.

    Interestingly, Motor Toon 2 actually predated Mario Kart 64 by several months!

    Now, I’ve played quite a bit of it and I definitely enjoy it. In fact the only thing that weighs it down is that there’s no split-screen multi-player (only multi-player available is via Link Cable connection).

    So, it is definitely worth a look if you love Gran Turismo and/or is a fan of kart racers! I do wish Yamauchi and the other Polyphohy Digital devs get to take a break from GT for once and do another Motor Toon already!

    Motor Toon 1: https://youtu.be/h_2qv3mDCQs
    Motor Toon 2: https://youtu.be/6ioZX3rskJM
    Motor Toon 2 Mini-Games: https://youtu.be/SQvUXWYEHis


  2. BTW Rob:
    The PS4 game is just called “Everybody’s Golf” everywhere except Japan,
    The Japan release is called New Minna no Golf (or New Everybody’s Golf)

    The composers of the game are Kemmei Adachi, Yoshio Ueno, Tadashi Yatabe and Hirofumi Sasaki.

    As far as exactly which one of those composers did this VS Match track, I have no clue, so just credit all four lol!

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    1. UPDATE: Turns out in addition to Kemmei Adachi, Yoshio Ueno, Tadashi Yatabe and Hirofumi Sasaki, Everybody’s Golf also features music by Keegan DeWitt, Lyle Workman and Andrew Dost.

      Again, can’t find who exactly did that Vs. Match track (Yes, it’s called “VS Match”), so I’ll leave it at your discretion when it comes to these composers 😛

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