Bonus Beats: Bomberman!

Destroying more friendships than a game of Monopoly, Bomberman is the ultimate multiplayer-party game. Music from the legendary composer Jun Chikuma has graced every title in some way or form, providing the perfect backdrop on which to battle your friends! This week on the show we're playing music from the very beginning all the way to the modern era! Grab those power-ups, golden gloves, boots, and jellies, because we're taking a deep-dive into Bomberman!

HEY! Did you know Rhythm and Pixels are celebrating 7 YEARS of the podcast! Join us for a live recording on Sunday December 11th! This stream is free to all listeners, and we're counting down our top 10 tracks of the year! Did your favorites make it?

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Episode 5-2 Victory Music

You did it! This is your time, this is all for you. This is your video game music victory. We listen to great music composed for celebratory sections of games. Not necessarily RPGs, but any game where you have become victorious.

We're joined this week again by our good friend Matt Waldron of Pernell and Matt Play Games! He brings some great tunes, and some great discussion. He's a great guy! Check our his show on Youtube!