Episode 7-6 Saturn Puzzle Games


Rob and Pernell mine the depths of the Sega Saturn and come out with some solid gold hits! You’ll hear some funky bass-lines, wicked drum-fills, and some on-the-spot lyrics! Rhythm and Pixels are blasting off agaaiiiiinnnn!!!!

Also!  Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for future Bonus Beats live streams every Thursday night 🙂  Chiptunes and remixes mixed live just for you!

Track list:

  1. Arcade Mode (In Game Music) – Cleopatra Fortune (Shinin Queen) – Sega Saturn – Zuntata
  2. Stage 3 Arcade – Baku Baku Animal – Sega Saturn – Tetsuya Kawachi
  3. Strong Opponent (Stages 4 and 5) – Monster Slider – Sega Saturn – Unknown
  4. Stage 3 – Puzzle Bobble 2 – Sega Saturn – Kazuko Umino
  5. Carrying My Feelings Onward – Tokimeki Memorial Taisen Puzzle-Dama – Sega Saturn – Yuji Takenouichi, Yoshihiko Koezuka, Kazuhiro Senoo
  6. Hurry Up! – Magical Drop 3 – Sega Saturn – Hiroaki Yoshida, Masaaki Iwaski, Shogo Sakai, Tatsuya Kiuchi
  7. Saturn Bomberman No. 15 Breakbeat Bossa Nova Remix – June Chikuma (arrangement, keyboards) , Karou Akimoto (guitar), Hirohiko Otsubo (bass)
  8. Puzzle Bobble ‘Silver Dragon’s Bubbles’ – COUCOU
  9. Final Stage – Baku Baku Animal – Sega Saturn – Tetsuya Kawachi

Download episode 7-6 here!

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