Episode 8-10 Neo Geo

The Neo Geo is not only known for beautiful 2d sprite artwork, but also amazing music. You know the Neo Geo, you’d see the big red cabinet in the arcades, 4 brightly colored buttons, and often multiple games in the same system. Let’s dig in and have some fun! Continue reading Episode 8-10 Neo Geo


Episode 7-3 Sega Arcade with Forever Sound Version

DO DOD DOODDOODODODO DAYTONAAAA!!!! Boy do we have a great show for you this week! We take a look at music composed for Sega arcade games throughout the years. We’re talking all things Virtua and Golden Axey! Continue reading Episode 7-3 Sega Arcade with Forever Sound Version

Episode 2-8 Puzzle Games

We match 3, clear rows of lines, and dump garbage blocks in this exciting new episode. Puzzle games is this week’s topic! The hosts talk about their shared love OF the genre, and how it brought them together as friends. And sometimes enemies, because Pernell is too good at Magical Drop and must be stopped at all costs.

There is music across a variety of game systems, so there is something for everybody! Get down with the Rhythm and Pixels!

Full track listing, check out the website!
http://rhythmandpixels.com Continue reading Episode 2-8 Puzzle Games