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Episode 20-8 200th Episode Celebration Clip-Show!


That’s right, this is our 200th (numbered) episode! We’ve released mixtapes, bonus-beats, and various other things. BUT THIS! This is our 200th episode!!! We celebrate with tea, energy drinks, and music of course! We also listen to your favorite moments of the last 4 years, and they crack us up! Enjoy the show!

Track list:

  1. Battle of Conflicts – Cosmic Star Heroine – HyperDuck Soundworks (Chris Geehan, Dan Byrne-Mccullough)
  2. Glacius theme – Killer Instinct – SNES – Graeme Norgate
  3. Staff – Hard Dunk – Sega Arcade – Hideaki Myamoto
  4. Stage 4-1 – Blazing Chrome – Dominic Nidmark
  5. Valley of Salvation – Caldrius Blaze – Yoshimi Kudo
  6. Vella Wild Groove – YiiK – Andrew Allanson
  7. Face My Fears Dj CUTMAN Remix (Kingdom Hearts III) – Dj CUTMAN, Tee Lopes, Adriana Figueroa
  8. Toasty Buns (Parappa the Rapper 2) – Smooth4Lyfe