Episode 28-1 Tom Salta

We are very excited to have famous game composer, producer, and artist Tom Salta on the show this week! Tom tells us all about his history in the music industry, how that influenced his move into video games, and some history around how some of the coolest games ever were scored! Learn more about Tom Salta at https://tomsalta.com Get $30 off his VGM masterclass by using our code PIXELS30! https://tomsalta.com/masterclass More of the podcast here! https://rhythmandpixels.com Support the show! https://patreon.com/rhythmandpixels

Episode 23-6 Beat’em-Ups Then and Now

Finally a wholesome podcast about family-video-games. Games that feature WHIPS, CHAINS, AND THE MAYOR FIGHTING IN THE STREETS! You know, for kids! This week Rob and Pernell look at the roots of this bare-knuckled genre and follow its evolution to where it is today. What made early beat'em-ups so much fun to kids? What is keeping them relevant today? Who composed the theme song to Perfect Strangers and how are these things related? They may not be. Right? Okay now I'm just talking to myself. My therapist said I should really stop doing that.

Episode 20-8 200th Episode Celebration Clip-Show!

Download That's right, this is our 200th (numbered) episode! We've released mixtapes, bonus-beats, and various other things. BUT THIS! This is our 200th episode!!! We celebrate with tea, energy drinks, and music of course! We also listen to your favorite…