Episode 30-5 Voice Acting with Kevin Kmet!

Love it, or hate it, or love to hate it, voice acting in video games is here to stay. We're looking at games this week with memorable voice acting! We even listen to some examples from the games and compare them against early 90s anime. In fact, there's a LOT of talk around 90s anime! Joining us on the show this week is friend and voice actor Kevin Kmet! Listen to Kevin's silky-smooth-sexy voice in the latest game Final Fantasy Brave Exvius out now on iOS and Android! Find more of the show! https://rhythmandpixels.com Support the podcast! https://patreon.com/rhythmandpixels

Episode 27-6 Tavern Music

Pull up a bar-stool and get comfortable, it's time for some light tavern-themed music! Adventurers are resting a while at the bar, and there's plenty of singing (and hand-clapping) to keep your spirits up! Of course, there's a little disagreement brewing. Just a little pizza-related disagreement in which Pernell is absolutely wrong about Chicago-style deep dish pizza and Rob is right. Mainly because Rob writes the web page and Pernell can't stop him!!!! muahahahahahahahHAHAHHAHAHAHAA! Discover more of the podcast! https://rhythmandpixels.com Support the show! https://patreon.com/rhythmandpixels