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Episode 20-5 Gameboy Advance with Michael Bridgewater


Let’s take a look at one of Nintendo’s greatest mobile game consoles, the Gameboy Advance! Chunky bass, fuzzy drums, and smooth, buttery strings. Soundtracks on the system are fantastic, though the machine’s hardware made it difficult for everything to sound as clean as it could. So let’s dig in, find some diamonds in the rough, and enjoy the music of the Nintendo Gameboy Advance!

We’re joined by Michael Bridgewater, of the VGM podcast Forever Sound Version, to help us find the greatest tracks. We talk about European/North American game localization, jungle massive music, and some demoscene bits as well! It’s always a blast having Michael on the show, we think you’ll have a good time too!


You can listen to Michael’s podcast Forever Sound Version right here, it’s so good! https://foreversoundversion.wordpress.com/

Also, Michael is active in the C64 demoscene, check out his tracks under the moniker Mibri right here. You won’t be disappointed. https://soundcloud.com/mibric64

For the past few years, Michael has been streaming a 24 hour gaming marathon for charity! Playing the absolute strangest-of-the-strange to raise money for the UK organization Freedom From Torture https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/weirdgames2019

Track list

  1. Red Canyon – F-Zero Climax – Gameboy Advance – Kenji Hikita
  2. Forest Overworld – Bomberman Tournament – Gameboy Advance – Koichi Seiyama, Jun Chikuma
  3. Intermission – Zone of the Enders: Fist of Mars – Gameboy Advance – Tatsuya Fujiwara, Susumu Nakamura
  4. BGM #02 – Ace Combat Advance – Gameboy Advance – András Kövér
  5. America Tutorial – Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi: Kaznapped  – Gameboy Advance – Tomoyoshi Sato
  6. The Purgatory Arena – Castlevania Aria of Sorrow – GBA – Michiru Yamane
  7. Sector 1 (Metroid Fusion) – Metroid Metal
  8. ACDC Town (Megaman Battle Network) – InsaneintheRainMusic
  9. Sensei’s Theme (Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising) – The Consouls
  10. Sky Bridge (Final Lap) – Konami Krazy Racers – Gameboy Advance – Tomoya Tomita

Episode 7-3 Sega Arcade with Forever Sound Version


DO DOD DOODDOODODODO DAYTONAAAA!!!!  Boy do we have a great show for you this week!  We take a look at music composed for Sega arcade games throughout the years. We’re talking all things Virtua and Golden Axey!

Joining us to help tackle this massive topic is Michael Bridgewater from the fantastic Forever Sound Version Podcast!

Track list:

  1. Final Round – Hard Dunk – Sega Multi-System 32 – Hideaki Miyamoto
  2. Round 3-1, 5-2 – Riot City – Jin Watanabe
  3. Mission 3 – Scramble Spirits – Sega System 24 – Tohru Nakabayashi, Yasuhiro Kawakami
  4. Akira – Virtua Fighter – Sega Model 1 – Takayuki Nakamura
  5. Comic Dialog ~ Rulue – Puyo Puyo Sun – Compile Sound and Effects Division (Katsumi Tanaka)
  6. BGM 3 – Last Survivor – Sega X – Koichi Namiki
  7. BGM 3 – Cyber Police Eswat – Sega System 16-B – Yasuhiro Kawakami
  8. Dragon’s Castle – Wonder Boy 3 Monster Lair – Shinichi Sakamoto
  9. Mitsubishi A6M Zero – Wing War – Sega Model 1 – Tomoyuki Kawamura
  10. Wilderness (R&P Redux) – Michael Bridgewater
  11. Trap – Virtua Cop 2 – Saturn – Hideaki Miyamoto
  12. SkyHigh ‘14 (Daytona USA) – RoBKTA
  13. Door To The House of The Dead 2 – The House of The Dead 3 – Eriko Sakurai

Download episode 7-3 here!