Episode 23-4 C64 Showcase with Michael Bridgewater


This week on the podcast we look at the past, present, and possible future of music for our favorite little 8-bit computer system: The Commodore 64. We start with music composed for games from its original retail run, and end with music from new games developed by home-brew indie enthusiasts!

We couldn’t have covered so much about the system without the help of our friend and special guest: Michael Bridgewater! Not only does he join us to provide color on the hardware and tricks used to compose these tunes, but every track on today’s episode was recorded direct from his original C64 hardware!

Forever Sound Version

Michael is the host of the excellent VGM podcast Forever Sound Version. He explores video game music from the classics to the obscure, and from the old-school to the contemporary.


Michael is also known as Mibri in the C64 demoscene, composing hard-hitting beeps and blips that will shake your house as well as your booty. Listen to his collection of C64 tunes created between 2018 and 2020, Dedication. https://mibri.bandcamp.com/album/dedication

Track list

  1. Intro – Last Ninja 3 – C64 – Reyn Ouwehand
  2. Title – Ferrari Formula One – C64 – Barry Leitch
  3. Subtune 3 (High Score Entry) – Octapolis – C64 – Wally Beben
  4. Aquilae – Slipstream – C64 – Ronny Engmann (dalezy)
  5. Title Tune – The Vice Squad – C64 – Sascha Zeidler (Linus)
  6. Subtune 1 (Title) – The Arc of Yesod – C64 – Keith Tinman
  7. Sanxion Remix – Rob Hubbard, arranged by Jason Page
  8. Turrican (Generation mix) – R Vaca, Chris Hulsbeck, S Hartwig, arranged by Gerd Bahl
  9. Chase HQ 2 – Klaus Grøngaard, arranged by Guru Meditator
  10. Subtune 1 (Ingame) – Nemesis – C64 – Miki Higashino, arranger unknown


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