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Episode 4-9 Chill Music


This week Rob and Pernell pick tracks that would be great for your yoga class, spa weekend, or after-work decompression. We’re looking at anything that’s relaxing, atmospheric, and ambient. Please listen responsibly.

  1. The Flutter – Megaman Legends 2 – Playstation – Makoto Tomozawa
  2. Sleeping Village – Dragon Quest 3 – Super Nintendo – Koichi Sugiyama
  3. Overworld – Lunar: the Silver Star – Sega CD – Noriyuki Iwadare, Hiroshi Fujioka, Isao Mizoguchi
  4. Round 2-2 Break Silence – Ristar – Genesis – Tomoko Sasaki
  5. Suburban Museum – Nights Into Dreams – Saturn – Naofumi Hataya, Tomoko Sasaki, Fumie Kumatani
  6. Another Winter – Seiken Densetsu 3 – Super Famicom – Hiroki Kikuta
  7. Calm Waters (Mario 64) – Myrtorp
  8. Morning Sunlight – Rob Nichols
  9. Dream of the Shore Bordering Another World – Chrono Cross – Playstation – Yasunori Mitsuda

Download episode 4-9 here!

Episode 4-1 All The Fours


Rob and Pernell celebrate episode 4-1 with all tracks from the fourth sections of video games! Four-sure this is going to be an episode you don’t want to miss.

Raise your four’se fields, because you get four hosts this week! Four’get aboudit! The R&P brothers are joined by fellow podcastmen: Ed and Mike from Pixel Tunes Radio. Pixel Tunes Radio is another great podcast which showcases the very best in video game music. Check them out at https://pixeltunesradio.com.

Track list:

  1. Stage 4-1 Inverted Catwalk – Ninja Gaiden III The Ancient Ship of Doom – NES – Hiroshi Miyzakai, Kaori Nakabai, Rika Shigeno
  2. Harbor – Contra 4 – Nintendo DS – Jake Kaufman (Virt)
  3. Stage 4: Magical Moon – McDonald’s Treasure Land Adventure – Sega Genesis (Treasure) – Katsuhiko Suzuki
  4. Ignition (Lakeside) – Sega Rally Championship – Sega Saturn – Takenobu Mitsuyoshi (Arcade), Naofumi Hataya (Saturn)
  5. Stage 4 – Gate of Thunder – Turbo Grafx CD – Ts Music
  6. Stage 4 (Base Interior) – Advanced Busterhawk Gley Lancer – Sega Megadrive – Masanori Hikichi, Noriyuki Iwadare
  7. Cowabunga! – WillRock and Sixto Sounds
  8. Winter – Princess Maker 2 – MS DOS – Masahiro Kajihara, Ryu Umemoto
  9. Toejam and Earl (J.Rabbit Remix) – JRabbit
  10. Beautiful Days – Danganronpa – PSP – Masafumi Takada

Download episode 4-1 here!

Episode 2-1 Phoenix Wright

Download episode 2-1 here!

The court of video game music is now in session. We would like to call to the stand fun, friends, and great music!
This week we get into the music from the hand-held phenomena, Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney.

Don’t forget, Magfest is coming February 18th through the 21st. You can find Pernell roaming the halls as the East Coast Pokemon League’s Steel Gym Leader.
So if you see him, be ready to throw down! Pokemon! Yeah!

Track list:

  1. Pursuit-Cornered – Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney – Nintendo DS – Masakazu Sugimori
  2. Dick Gumshoe-It’s Detective Gumshoe – Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney – Nintendo DS – Masakazu Sugimori
  3. The Fragrance of Dark Colored Coffee – Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trials and Tribulations – Nintendo DS – Noriyuki Iwarde
  4. Investigation-Opening – Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trials and Tribulations – Nintendo DS – Noriyuki Iwarde
  5. The Criminal Justice System – Steel Samurai
  6. Objections (Acoustic) – Mark Segawa
  7. Objection – Turnabout Jazz Soul – The Metamorphosis Jazztet