Episode 34-7 Movie Games with Quad Pro Quo!

We’re joined by the wonderful and hilarious people from @QuadProQuoPod to chat about movies and listen to some great video game music!

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Episode 33-5 Sonic Origins

To celebrate the release of Sonic Origins, Rob and Pernell take a look at some of their favorite music from the original Genesis releases! Lots of talk about the games, graphics, music, and how they evolved from sequel to sequel. And of course we talk a bit about the music development of the third game, the prototypes, arrangements, and the influence Michael Jackson has on the tracks. Enjoy! Find more of the podcast! https://rhythmandpixels.com Consider supporting the show! https://patreon.com/rhythmandpixels

Episode 18-7 Ringtones

When we got our first cell phones, the first thing we did was try and get video game music on there! So when your friend calls you up, you hear some nice melodies from Koji Kondo. This episode all about the music we've chosen to be our ringtones over the years. We also hold many victory celebrations for unfortunate life events, and Rob talks way to much about DDR at the beginning.

Do you have a favorite video game song or jingle you've used for your phone's ringtone? Let us know!

Episode 10-9 Fan Favorites

Well, you've finally done it. You've taken over the show! In this very special episode is powered by you, the listeners! Rob and Pernell play selections submitted to them over the past 2 years of the podcast, and there are some FANTASTIC picks in this one! There's classic, there's new, and there's romantic-ninja-singing. Ya dig?