Episode 34-7 Movie Games with Quad Pro Quo!


In the 90s there was one thing we could all count on. Any video game based on a movie was not going to be great. And any movie based on a video game would be just as bad in equal measure. It was the way of the world! It was balance! But sometimes those games had amazing music. And today? We have great movies and games that are all influenced by each other and some are really great! 

Joining us on the show today are Matt and Guido from the great podcast Quad Pro Quo! @QuadProQuoPod  is a weekly film podcast inspired by the Quid Pro Quo scene in Silence of the Lambs. And they are also some awesome and funny people! https://linktr.ee/quadproquopod

Track list

  • One Jump Ahead – Aladdin – Genesis – Alan Menken arranged Tommy Tallarico
  • Water World – Silent Hill: Book of Memories PS Vita – By David Licht
  • The Map Rap – James Bond 007: The Duel – Genesis – Matt Furniss
  • Metropolis Zone – Sonic The Hedgehog 2 – Genesis – Masato Nakamura
  • TechnoMan – Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game – Anamanaguchi
  • Human Hideout: Cyberdyne Systems – Terminator 2: Judgment Day – Arcade – Chris Granner
  • Demons Dead Metal Remix (Doom II) – Bobby Prince arranged by elguitarTom
  • Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game – Suburban Tram Cover by Apple Green
  • Robocop Title (Robocop, C64) – Jonathan Dunn arranged and performed by Andy Gilmour and LMan
  • Round 4-2 – Super Back To The Future Parts I & II- Super Nintendo – Hitoshi Sakimoto

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