Episode 34-8 N64 Jams


This week we’re listening to jams from Nintendo’s first big step after the world of 16-bit home consoles, the N64. Though games were released slowly since it’s debut in 1996, with the first third-party developed title not being released until 1997, there is more than enough great music to dive into. Expect some heavy hitters, slow jams, and dance hits!

Track list

  1. Flim Flam – Tetrisphere – N64 – Neil D.voss
  2. Kyoto Japan – Excitebike 64 – N64 – Matt Furniss, Chris Lamm
  3. Manual Override – Ridge Racer 64 – N64 – Keith Arem
  4. Ancient CIty – Tuok: Dinosaur Hunter – N64 – Darren Mitchell
  5. Low Rydin’ (Los Angeles) – Rush 2: Extreme Racing USA – N64 – Barry Leitch
  6. Underground Paradise – Goemon’s Great Adventure – N64
  7. Play Hard (Black Orchid Theme) – Killer Instinct Gold – N64 – Robin Beanland, vocals by Faye Newborough
  8. 21st Century Rockstar (Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards) – Plumegeist
  9. Rainbow Palace – Bomberman 64 – N64 – Akifumi Tada

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