Episode 34-6 Inspirations with Nintendrew


This week on the show we’ve got retro-game enthusiast and new game-developer Nintendrew joining us! We’re talking about the games that have inspired us, and of course his newest game C.A.R.L.! We chat about the game’s development, its classic game influences, and loads and loads about Cave Story. You’ll also get to hear some of the latest music from the game, and some behind-the-scenes stories about its development!

Track list

  1. On To Grasstown – Cave Story – Daisuke Amaya
  2. Main Theme – 30XX – Cityfires (Brandon Ellis)
  3. Kasugayama High School – Persona 2 Eternal Punishment – Atlus Sound Team: Kenichi Tsuchiya, Masaki Kurokawa, Shoji Meguro
  4. Professor Frankly – Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door – GameCube – Yoshito Hirano
  5. I/O Echo – Axiom Verge 2 – Thomas Happ
  6. Vs. Scrap Titan (Scrapyard) – Battle Bands – Fat Bard (Patrick Crecelius and Zach Fendelman)
  7. Herman’s Theme – C.A.R.L. – Andrew Kenady
  8. Tubelectric Remix (Jazz Jackrabbit) – SIDNIFY
  9. Dark Waters (Lords of Exile) – Castlemaster
  10. Running Hell (Cave Story) – Sebastian Wolf
  11. Mischievous Robot (Egg Corridor) – Cave Story – Daisuke Amaya

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