Episode 34-5 Your Summer Games Challenge


Summer school is over, it’s time to check up on our assignments! We asked our listeners to finish some games this year, and then tell us all about them! And of course, listen to some excellent musical selections. How many did you complete, how did you do? Stay tuned for our graduation ceremony at the end of the show! 

Also on the show is another special Board Game Beats segment! This week we’re talking about Tiny Towns, designed by Peter McPherson for Alderac Entertainment Group. Tiny Towns is a R&P house favorite, so we hope you enjoy the short review! Find Tiny Towns at your friendly local game store! #WeMakeFun !

Tiny Towns!

Track list

  1. It’s Time to Fight Crime – OneShot – Nightmargin (Casey Gu), ft Eliza Velasquez and Michael Shirt
  2. Fields – Aggelos – Francois Perez
  3. The Timeless Battle – Cris Tales – Tyson Wernli
  4. Devil Trigger (Tropical Devil Night Remix) – Devil May Cry 5 – Hirosmitsu Maeba
  5. Mud Stalker (Stage 2) – Mad Stalker: Full Metal Force – Sega Genesis – Keishi Yonao
  6. Boss Noize – River City Girls – Megan McDuffee, with vocals by Megan McDuffee
  7. Zero to Hero – Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy – Star Lord Band (Steve Sczepkowski, Yohann Boudreault)
  8. Yeah Nah – Unpacking – Jeff van Dyck
  9. Grab Your Power By Yourself – Scarlet Nexus – Hironori Anazawa

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