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Episode 11-8 FM Synth Madness with Ed



Grab your keyboards let’s celebrate all the great things Yamaha did for classic game consoles and computer systems! We focus strictly on FM synth music composed for games, particularly anything with big chunky bass and funked up keyboard leads!

We are joined this week by FM synth aficionado, Ed! Not only is he an avid admirer for the synths, he is the co-host of the excellent demo-scene podcast The Impulse Project. AND the co-host of the also excellent VGM podcast PixelTunes Radio! Also be sure to check out his VGM archives at this super fantastic link right here at ffshrines.

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Track list:

  1. Stage 1 – Bleed Out Sakuretsu – Sharp X68000 – Unknown
  2. Catch the Step – Misty Blue – PC-88 – Yuzo Koshiro
  3. The Strange Step All Night Dancing Bunny Cheerleader’s Assaulting Trumpet Resounds! – Dragon Half – PC-98 – Tadahiro Nitta
  4. Don’t Miss the Offender! (Stage 5) – Gang Busters – Arcade – Shinji Tasaka, Motoaki Furukawa, Seiichi Fukami, Shigemasa Matsuo
  5. Scarab of Glory No. 3 – The Hybrid Front – Mega Drive – Naofumi Hataya
  6. Dungeon – Sword of Vermillion – Genesis – Hiroshi Kawaguchi, Yasuhiro Takagi
  7. Beach (Plok) – Savaged Regime
  8. Dating Start FM Remix – Coda
  9. Mega Man 7 Turbo Man Sega Genesis Remix – TheLegendofRenegade
  10. We Love the E-A-R-T-H (Self Remake Version)  – ChoRenSha 68K – Sharp X68000 – Ruzarin Kashiwagi

Download episode 11-8 here!

Episode 8-5 FM Towns


Rob and Pernell go to town on another popular Japanese computer system, the Fujitsu FM Towns! We’ve got some more excellent FM synth rockers, but more importantly this show is about Quad City DJs and the Miami Sound System.

Track list:

  1. Intermediate Race – Marble Madness – FM Towns – Brad Fuller, David Wise
  2. Beyond the Galaxy – Galaxy Force II – FM Towns – CRI Sound Team
  3. Writhing in Agony Aren’t You – Dragon Half – FM Towns – Tadahiro Nitta
  4. Story Mode – Asuka 120% Excellent Burning Fest – FM Towns – Keishi Yonao
  5. Mellow Device – Genocide 2 – FM Towns – Hideyuki Shimono, Naoyuki Kimura
  6. Swear – Rayxamber – FM Towns – Yasuhito Saido
  7. Princess Slammer 2 – FMFlameNinja
  8. Puyo Puyo Night Fever – MatrixMarioX
  9. Endless Road – Genocide 2 – FM Towns – Hideyuki Shimono, Naoyuki Kimura

Download episode 8-5 here!