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Episode 13-9 Space is the Place


That’s right. Rob and Pernell are back. And this time it’s personal….lly one of the greatest podcast episodes ever recorded… about space inspired video game music! Still with us? Good! Pernell is back from E3 with some fun stories, and Rob has been playing more video games! Like, two of them! Astounding! Enjoy the riiiiiiide!

Track list:

  1. The Moon – Blast Corps – N64 – Graeme Norgate
  2. Title – Space Megaforce (Super Aleste) – SNES – Keiji Takeuchi, Akiyoshi Nagao, Katsumi Tanaka
  3. Space – Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Scrambled Valkyrie – SNES – Noboru Yamane
  4. The Three Trials – Star Trek: The Next Generation: Echoes from the Past – Genesis – Andrew Edlen
  5. On The Edge (Eternal Engine Stage) – Sonic Adventure 2 – Dreamcast – Jun Senoue
  6. Magical Space 1 – Super Tetris 3 – SNES – Shigmeitsu Goto
  7. Kirby and the Amazing Mirror Re-Imagined – Candy Constellation – Sokkasm
  8. Diamond Worlds Remix (Solar Jetman) – Platonist
  9. Come forward forward – Bangai-o – Dreamcast – Norio Hanzawa