Episode 21-8 Influential Classics with Blake Edwards and AJ Wash


This week on the podcast we’re joined by a pair of indie game developers to talk about the classics that influenced all of video games. Some of our choices are a little more obvious than others, but that’s what makes it fun!

Blake Edwards (Nomppie) is developing Ways Lost, a deck building RPG with rogue-like elements! AJ Wash is a composer working with Blake, helping him bring the world of Ways Lost to life!

Ways Lost

Check out Blake’s game here!

AJ Wash’s music can be found here!


Track list

  1. Underwater Theme – Super Mario World – Super Nintendo – Koji Kondo
  2. Chemical Plant Zone – Sonic The Hedgehog 2 – Genesis – Masato Nakamura
  3. Stage Theme 1- Dance Aerobics – NES – unknown
  4. Athletic Theme – Super Mario 3 – NES – Koji Kondo
  5. Route 27 – Pokemon Gold & Silver – Gameboy Color – Junichi Masuda
  6. Death Mountain – The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past – Super Nintendo – Koji Kondo
  7. Main Theme – Fatal Labyrinth – Genesis – E. Fugu
  8. Battle Theme – Dragon Warrior 2 – NES – Koichi Sugiyama
  9. Main Theme – Ways Lost – AJ Wash
  10. B Type – Tetris – Gameboy – Hirokazu Tanaka


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