Episode 9-1 Golf Games


This week you get a very excited discussion about golf games, from a very sleepy Rob and very excited Pernell. Golf game music is chill, jazzy, cheesy, so many good things! They also discuss the merits of VR, and the musical genius of Arnold Palmer. And I for one welcome our robot golfing overlords…

Track list:

  1. Al Arabian Golf Club – Hot Shots Golf World Invitational – PS Vita – Hidehiro Kawai
  2. Runaway – Hal’s Hole In One Golf – SNES – Hirokazu Ando
  3. Spring – Super Swing Golf – Wii -Shigekiyo Okuda, Yutaka Fujishima
  4. Cruising – Mecarobot Golf – SNES – Michiharu Hasuya, Osamu Kasai, T Tsurutani
  5. Koopa Park – Mario Golf 64 – N64 – Motoi Sakuraba
  6. BGM 2 – Arnold Palmer Tournament Golf – Genesis – Tokuhiko Uwabo
  7. Iceberg Ocean Remix – welle licht awn
  8. Mario Golf 64 Shy Guy Desert Remix – Iceferno
  9. BGM 4 – Power Golf – Turbografx 16 – Unknown

Download episode 9-1 here!

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