Episode 10-7 Music For Driving


Deep bass, deep grooves, and mountains of lush synthesizer sounds. This week we look for the perfect driving music, and end up finding the best synthwave ever composed for video games.

Also, check out our good friend Joseph Campo’s fund raising campaign over at Extra Life! He’s playing video games for 24 consecutive hours for Altruism Inc!

Track list:

  1. Demyst – Hyper Void – Steam, PS3, PS4 – Kamel Bushnaq
  2. Minima Memoria – Void and Meddler – PC – Waveland and Red City Noise
  3. Ice Forest – New Adventure Island – TurboGrafx 16- Kenji Sakata
  4. Theme – Power Drive 2000 – PC – Dream Fiend
  5. Stage 6 – Gate of Thunder – TurboGrafx CD – Ts Music
  6. Everything Is Going To Be OK – Prey – PS4, XB1, PC – Mick Gordon
  7. Aqua Destroyer (Jet Stingray, Rockman X4) – Colis Postal x RIGHT STUFF
  8. Test Drive II The Duel Remix – Qumu Music
  9. Bluegrass Boogie – Cruis’n USA – N64 – Vince Pontarelli

Download episode 10-7 here!

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