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Episode 19-2 Don’t Panic!


This week’s show is all about that fast part of the game. You know, THAT part. Where your heart speeds up and suddenly everything you learned flies right out your brain. There are moments in games that make you PANIC, and sometimes it’s not the game. Sometimes it’s your opponent. (Pernell) And your opponent (Pernell) is somehow better (WAY better) at these puzzle games for some reason! Let’s listen!

Track list:

  1. Timed Mode – Alphabear 2 – iOS – Zerobit: Jeremy Thal, Gideon Crevoshay, Devin Greenwood
  2. Fun Puyo Puyo Hell – Puyo Puyo Tetris – Switch – 
  3. Hardening Drops (Instant Death Mix) Over Level 500 – Tetris: The Grand Master – Arcade –  Shinji Hosoe
  4. Dragon of embraces – La Mulana 2 – PC – Houryu Samejima
  5. Arm Wrestling – Track & Field II – NES – Jun Funahashi
  6. World 5 – Marvel Land – Genesis – Yoshiki Nishimura
  7. Grannest Groove (Meteos) – Nitrosparxx
  8. Depths of wickedness (Ninja Gaiden) – Bit Brigade
  9. Chase – Wild Arms 2 – PlayStation – Michiko Naruke



Episode 13-6: Rain


It’s raining outside! That means we need to stay inside all day and play video games! Darn! Rob and Pernell share their favorite rainy-day themed music! Rain used in games as back-drops to set the mood and create a unique atmosphere, so the music is composed accordingly. Pernell shares his thoughts on his panels at Anime Central, and they both discuss the effects of time travel.

Track list:

  1. Stone Heads – Rain World – PS4, Steam – James Primate and Lydia Esrig
  2. Hopeless Revolution – Valkyrie Profile – Playstation – Motoi Sakuraba
  3. Gamelan Rain Melody – Monument Valley 2 – iOS – Todd Baker
  4. Silent Rain – Mega Man 10 – Various – Ippo Yamada, Ryo Kawakami, Hiroki Isogai, and Yu Shimoda
  5. Death – Fez – Various – Disasterpeace
  6. Rebellion – Radiant Historia – Nintendo DS – Yoko Shimomura
  7. Heavy Rain Remix – Amella
  8. Town Rain – Silent Hill: Downpour – Playstation 3, Xbox 360 – Daniel Licht
  9. Threat-Sky Islands – Rain World – PS4, Steam – James Primate and Lydia Esrig


Episode 13-5 Patreon Salad


We’re on a diet this week, eating nothing but salads! We have no topic this week, just excellent listener-suggested music! We give a preference to our Patreon subscribers, as this recording was streamed live for all of our supporters! We talk about our favorite racing games, Rob mispronounces MANY names, and there’s a ton of singing. So much singing! Enjoy the show!

Track list:

  1. Donkey Kong Country 3 -Gameboy Advance – Rockface Rumble – David Wise
  2. An Underlying Problem – Shovel Knight – Multiple – Jake Kaufman
  3. Title Screen – Treasure Buster – IOS, Android – Matt Creamer
  4. Winning Run – Ace Driver: Racing Evolution – Arcade – Hiroyuki Kawada
  5. Banson’s Aria – Henry Hatsworth – Nintendo DS – Gene Rozenberg
  6. BGM 1 – Cue Brick – Arcade – K Satori
  7. Etoule Pocuratte 2!! – Loco Roco 2 – Playstation 3 – Noboyuki Shimizu, Kemmei Adachi
  8. Miitomo Remix (Eyes on Mii) – Dj CUTMAN
  9. Sea Bass Fishing – Reel Fishing II – PlayStation – Unknown


Episode 13-4 Infiltration


This week’s topic is all bout sneaking around, breaking and entering, and … E-Sports??? We talk about summer time at the beach, bank heists, bunny-people, and the greatest professional Korean gamer of all time.

Track list:

  1. Theme of Juri – Street Fighter IV – Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 – Hideyuki Fukasawa
  2. Inside UPRPRC – Rabi-Ribi – PlayStation 4, Steam – Trio Dust
  3. Theme of Hakan – Street FIghter IV – Xbox 360, Playstation 3 – Hideyuki Fukasawa
  4. Take it and run – Breath of Fire 3 – PlayStation – Yoshino Aoki, Akari Kaida3
  5. Theme of Menat – Street Fighter V – Playstation 4 – Keiki Kobayashi
  6. Hijack at the Hairpin – Monaco – Steam – Austin Wintory
  7. Charlie Nash Who Dat Remix – Sir J
  8. Uh Oh! The Beat have started to move – Khalal
  9. Hacker Base – Robotrek – Super Nintendo – Ayako Yoda


Pixel Plays with Pernell! Ep 1: Super Daryl Deluxe


This week Pernell shares his thoughts on the new beat’em up: Super Daryl Deluxe!

In this new spin-off show, Pernell shares his excitement on new games he’s been playing! We’re going to keep these episodes short and sweet, but focused specifically just on video games. The show might end up with its own website and podcast, or it could end up a YouTube show! We haven’t decided yet, but the first few will be right on the Rhythm and Pixels channel 🙂

Let us know what you think of the episode!