Episode 12-2 Retro Tributes

We are seeing so many great new games recently with a retro-aesthetic, and we love it! Whether it’s pixelized 16-bit style artwork, or classic gameplay mechanics, it’s something that we’re drawn to immediately. The music is no different, borrowing from the sounds of past hardware and putting an original spin on it. We talk about music that makes you anxious, human emotions as power-ups, and Pernell does a food dance. Enjoy!

Track list:

  1. Final Boss (Omega Model) – 20XX – Steam – Brandon Ellis
  2. Fire – Fight’n Rage – Steam – Gonzalo Varela
  3. Midnight Intruder (Neo Tokyo Stage 6, Night) – Xydonia – PC, Kickstarter – Luke McQueen
  4. Agent Black Battle – Iconoclasts – PS4, Steam – Joakim Sandberg
  5. Scattered and Lost – Celeste – PS4, Steam – Lena Raine
  6. Biocore – Scurge: Hive – Jake Kaufman
  7. Vital Tide Remix (Axiom Verge) – RedScorpio4
  8. The Axiom – Final Frankasy
  9. Frostroot Dungeon – Blossom Tales – PC – Visager

Download episode 12-2 here!

1 comment

  1. Thanks for the shout out! I’m glad you did this episode.

    I was on the fence about Celeste, but you’ve definitely sold it for me. It sounds incredible! After I clear my backlog I will check it out.

    Holy crap that 20XX song!! So incredible. Wow! But I personally would take Mega Man 9 over Mega Man X. Don’t get me wrong though, I love both, I just prefer classic more. I do certainly see why people love the X trilogy more (X4 onwards don’t exist). My only gripe with X1 is that the dash isn’t default, it forces you to pick that starting stage no matter what.

    I hope Xydonia comes to PS4! It looks great and that song is something else.

    Stellar Axiom Verge remixes. I don’t think I could speak anymore highly of Axiom Verge. What an exceptional title. More often than not I have my PS4 set to the Axiom Verge theme and I pop this game in for a speed run now and then. One of those few games that I went out of my way to learn to speed run and did absolutely every challenge you can do because I wanted to get more out of the game. Very satisfying 100% there!

    Where are your reviews at? I’m only familiar with this podcast.

    I would be curious if you can find a pop song that I would like. I can appreciate why people like the genre, but it often seems to be devoid of passion and love for me. It feels more like a product than music. When I listen to a the multitude of sub-genres of metal I find myself incredibly moved by what I’m listening to. I’m so emotionally engaged. Septicflesh’s Code Omega is a perfect example for me. I also get the same thing listening to orchestral music. Pop though, meh. I only tolerate it so far because my kid loves it.

    Great episode!


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