12-6 R&P Recommends

We leave the comfy confines of episode topics and dive head-first into the dangerous waters of video game recommendations! Rob suggests that games that weren’t as bad as you might remember, and Pernell talks about forgotten favorites. It’s an eclectic episode with a surprising amount of Nintendo DS music!

Track list:

  1. Level 2 The Mall – Skate or Die 2 – NES – Rob Hubbard
  2. Psychopomp – Iconoclasts – PlayStation 4 – Joakim Sandberg
  3. Title – Tetris DS – Nintendo DS – Minako Hamano, Akira Fujiwara
  4. Aggressive Tune – Devil Survivor Shin Megami Tensei – Nintendo DS – Takami Asano
  5. Joost leave it tae us! – Final Fantasy X2 – Playstation 2 – Noriko Matsueda, Takahito Eguchi
  6. Late Night Cleaning – Protect Me Knight – Xbox 360 – Yuzo Koshiro
  7. Forsaken City (Sever the Skyline Mix) – Celeste – PlayStation 4 – Maxo, original by Lena Raine
  8. The Last Desperate Struggle – Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective – Nintendo DS – Masakazu Sugimori
  9. Kyuudou – Shiren the Wanderer: The Tower of Fortune and the Dice of Fate – PS Vita – Hayato Matsuo

Download episode 12-6 here!

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