Episode 15-9 Medical Music


Music is the best medicine, and your favorite podcast-friends are licensed rhythm doctors! We’re talking about surgery simulation games, healing items, and romantic visual novels about doctors. Enjoy the music!

Track list:

  1. Satomi Tadashi Pharmacy – Revelations Persona – PlayStation – Misaki Okibe
  2. The Cutting Edge of Medicine – Trauma Center Under the Knife – Nintendo DS – Kenichi Kikkawa, Shoji Meguro, Kenichi Tsuchiya (ATLUS!)
  3. Darkness Sets In – Trauma Center Under The Knife 2 – Nintendo DS – Manabu Namiki, Noriyuki Kamikura
  4. Persuade the Flame – Lifesigns: Surgical Unit – Nintendo DS – Yusuke Beppu, Shigenori Masuko
  5. Paved with good intentions – Skullgirls – Steam – Michiru Yamane
  6. Take a Number – Surgeon Simulator 2013 – Steam – Black Heron (Leo Chilcott, Murugan Thiruchelvam)
  7. Dr Mario Orchestral Jam (Dr. Mario) – Hamman
  8. Trauma Center Under the Knife Main Theme Razputin Remix – Dar Razputin (Carl-Christian Gehl)
  9. Fortune – Theme Hospital – PC – Russel Shaw


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