Episode 21-1 Giving Thanks


This week we reached out to listeners and asked them for all the video game things they’re thankful for! We also asked for some excellent music, and boy did they come through! Also look out for the latest craze: Kirby Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions! Podcast edition!

Track list:

  1. Lofty Castle – Spyro the Dragon – Stewart Copeland
  2. Boss Battle 1 – Legend of Dragoon – PlayStation – Takeo Miratsu
  3. Toxic Caves – Sonic Spinball – Genesis – Howard Drossin
  4. Track 8 – Starsiege: Tribes – PC – Unknown
  5. Team Yell Theme – Pokemon Sword & Shield – Switch
  6. Battlefield – Blaster Master: Blasting Again – PlayStation – Satoshi Asano 
  7. Gym Leader Battle Music – Pokemon Sword & Shield – Switch 
  8. Evening Star Tudd Future Funk Remix (Knuckles Chaotix) –Tudd featuring Alan Gee 
  9. Title Screen – Buck Bumble – N64 – Justin Scharvona

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