Episode 22-1 Stankface Jams with Bruce Irons of The Mad Gear


Did you ever hear a bassline so funky that your face just squished up? A horn section that hits so hard you’re smelling rotten cheese and have to share it with the world? Then you know what’s up! Our podcast this week is all about video game music with the FUNKIEST and the STANKIEST and the TASTIEST jams we could find!

Joining us on this adventure is Bruce Irons of The Mad Gear Band! He’s here to rock-out to some great tunes and spread the word about his latest project: Turbo City Gaiden!

TURBO CITY GAIDEN is an animated series chronicling the adventures of the Baddest Band on the Planet ™ – The Mad Gear.  Click here to check out their Kickstarter and the pilot episode!

Also don’t forget, Rob from the podcast programmed a mini-game (Windows only sorry!) that takes place after the pilot! https://robnicholsgames.itch.io/turbo-city-gaiden

Track list:

  1. Slow Moon – Streets of Rage 2 – Genesis – Yuzo Koshiro
  2. Dark Level Funk – ToeJam and Earl: Back in the Groove – Cody Wright 
  3. Theme 7 – Bill’s Tomato Game – Genesis – Matt Furniss
  4. Opus 13 – Dracula X – SNES – Konami Kukeiha Club (Tomoya Tomita, Masanari Iwata, Harumi Ueko, Masahiko Kimura)
  5. Bee Jam Blues – Gitaroo Man – COIL, chorus by Brenda Vaughn
  6. Nebuli (Theme of Turbo City Gaiden) – Justin Scott Harriger aka Shreddy Krueger 
  7. Funky Town Remix (Kid Chameleon) – Hyde209 
  8. K K Disco (Animal Crossing New Leaf) – Pixel Tea (Kazumi Totaka)
  9. Funk Funk Funk E – ToeJam and Earl: Back in the Groove – Cody Wright

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