Episode 22-2 Superfund


The environmental activists in us come out in this week’s podcast. Well, it definitely comes out of Pernell. Rob was confused and got creative with his music picks for this week. There are some great tunes in this episode, so enjoy!

Track list

  1. Budget Theme – SimCity – SNES – Soyo Oka
  2. Chemical Plant Zone Modern Theme – Sonic Generations
  3. A Contest of Aeons – Final Fantasy X HD Remaster – Junya Nakano
  4. Pyramid of Fear – Zombies ate my neighbors
  5. Rynoka Variations (Bonus Track) – Moonlighter – David Fenn, Pablo Caballero
  6. Waste Plant 3 – The Ooze – Genesis – Howard Drossin
  7. Amy’s Toxic Cave (Spinball) – Ben Briggs https://benbriggs.net/
  8. Wipe’em All To Death (Toxic Crusaders) – Creepue https://creepue.bandcamp.com/
  9. Stage 3 Atlantic Ocean – Captain Planet and the Planeteers – NES – Peter Stone, Nick Eastridge

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