Episode 24-4 Facing the Elements


Inspired by a week of dangerous storms, Rob and Pernell create a tornado of fantastic music! We talk about classic LCD handheld gaming, and Rob chats about his favorite SimCity strategies! Spoiler, he’s terrible at the game and you shouldn’t take his advice.

Track list

  1. Rain Shower – Game & Watch Gallery 4 – Gameboy Advance – Riyou Kinugasa, Kengo Hagiwara
  2. Combat Theme 8 – Just Cause 4 – PlayStation 4 – Zach Abramson
  3. Theme – SimCity Classic for Windows – Chris Tilton?
  4. Lava Scarves and Red Hot Blargs – Yoshi’s Wooly World – Wii – Kazumi Totaka
  5. Highscore – Wetrix – N64 – Suddi Raval
  6. Main Menu – Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories – PlayStation 4 – Yuka Kitamura
  7. Splash Down!! Remake (Ristar) – Toni Leys
  8. River and Dale – The Flame and the Flood – Chuck Ragan
  9. Saving the World – Awesome Possum Kicks Dr. Machino’s Butt! – Genesis – Earl Vickers, Doug Brandon, Nu Romantic

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