Episode 24-3 Listener Wildcards


Rob and Pernell turn the tables on the podcast and listen to random suggestions from their listeners! There’s some great rock music alongside some soothing new-age sounds from some surprising games. Early in the episode we play our own game: Occupational Hazards! Name the job of the video game character! Let us know how well you did in the comments 🙂

Also, a reminder that we have new merch in our TeeSpring store! Check it out and show-off your very own Lobster Racing shirt!

Track list

  1. The Legend of Daryl – Super Daryl Deluxe – Adriel Genet
  2. Triceratops Trot – Jurassic Park – SNES – Jonathan Dunn
  3. Normal Battle – Shin Megami Tenseii III: Nocturne – PlayStation 2 – Shoji Meguro
  4. Metal Beat – Metal Masters – Game Boy – Alberto Jose Gonzalez
  5. Ilias Final Form (Final Boss Theme) – Monster Girl Quest – Unknown
  6. Track 5 – Sheep Raider – PlayStation – Eric Casper
  7. Towns III Enlightenment (Earthbound) – Cory Johnson
  8. On the Run (Final Fantasy VI – The Returners) – Leitbur
  9. Sky Tower (Remake) – La-Mulana – Houryu Samejima

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