Episode 24-7 Video Game Dads with Bedroth

Episode 24-7 Video Game Dads with Bedroth


This week on the show we’re joined by video game and video game father enthusiast Bedroth! Bedroth co-hosts the most excellent podcast “Very Good Music a Video Game Music Podcast”. We talk about great food, the destruction of the cosmos, and Haggar’s reelection campaign for Metro City: “A Chicken in Every Trash Can!”

Check out Very Good Music VGM Podcast on YouTube!

Track list

  1. Buy Something Will Ya – Earthbound – SNES – Hirokazu Tanaka
  2. Lula’s Resurrection – Papo & Yo – Brian D’Oliveira
  3. His Father’s Son – Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance – Yuka Tsujiyoko
  4. Fortune’s Delight – Dead Rising 2 – Oleksa Lozowchuk
  5. Eudurodad – Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015 – Unknown
  6. Asgore Ackatos Remix (Undertale) – Toby Fox remixed by Ackatos
  7. Cohen’s Masterpiece (Bioshock) – Garry Schyman arranged by AtinPiano
  8. Roll Me In Remix (Katamari Damacy) – Dj Jo
  9. Forest Theme – Mole Mania – Taro Bando

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