Episode 25-8 Patreon Podcastiversary 5

Rob and Pernell continue their anniversary celebration in this month’s live stream episode! This time we asked our listeners for their favorite moments and topics and we chose new music for them!

Episode 25-8 Patreon Podcastiversary 5


Also in the show Rob gives a new video game quiz all about origin stories! Pernell dances “the cream-corn” in his chair and Rob continues his love-affair with all things Eurobeat. ULTIMATE DRIFT LET’S GO RACING TOKYO!

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Track list

  1. Toad’s Turnpike – Mario Kart 64 – N64 – Kenta Nagata
  2. Donut Plains – Super Mario Kart – SNES – Soya Oka
  3. Beneath the Mask – Persona 5 – PlayStation 4 – Shoji Meguro feat. Lyn
  4. Blooming Villain – Persona 5 – PlayStation 4 – Shoji Meguro
  5. Ghost Town – Sonic Forces – Naofumi Hataya
  6. Emerald Challenge Special Stage – Sonic Heroes – Jun Senoue, Fumie Kumatani
  7. Corneria (Eurobeat Remix) – Star Fox – Dominic Ninmark
  8. Shop Theme – Legacy of the Wizard – NES – Yuzu Koshiro
  9. Of Love – Children of Morta – Hamidreza Ansari

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