Episode 27-5 Pilots and Pilots with Chel Wong


Flying in the sky! Flying through space! Definitely NOT piloting anything that would stay on the ground! We’re listening to music from games featuring great pilots! Of course we couldn’t handle a topic as EPIC as this one with our favorite guest Chel Wong!

Chel Wong is an award-winning games composer (Kine, Watch This Space), and she’s also here to talk up her new project Whisker Squadron! Whisker squadron is a procedurally generated shooter in the style of Star Fox from the creators of RACE THE SUN! Back the Kickstarter today! Now! Do it!!!

Track list

  1. Tornado Alley, Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex, Andy Blythe & Marten Joustra 
  2. Luella Augstein Theme A – Warborn – Luke Thomas
  3. Hang Glider – Pilotwings Resort – Nintendo 3DS – Asuko Ito
  4. Main BGM 1 – VOLLEYFIRE – Akihiko Mori 
  5. Waylon’s Theme – Flight of the Coward – Advance Wars: Days of Ruin – Yoshito Hirano
  6. Overdrive Man – Sonic Wings 3 – HOSO-Q (Soshi Hosoi)
  7. Whisker Squadron Theme – Chel Wong 
  8. Main Theme and Desperate Fight (Valkyria Chronicles) – MakoMusic
  9. Corneria Jazz Cover (Star Fox) – Eric L and Genna Renee
  10. Guns and Wings (Yak 141 ) – Wing War – Arcade – Tomoyuki Kawamura

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