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Episode 18-1 Our Favorite Shmups


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Target approaching! Fantastic music and great friends! This week on the show we look at our favorite SHMUP games! This is a chance to listen to our favorite shooter games without all the explosions and gun fire! Rob plays music that covers his introduction into bullet hell games, and Pernell finds some classic chiptune jams!

Track list:

  1. Distro Void – Hyper Void – PlayStation 4, Xbox One – Kamel Bushnaq
  2. The Sonic Jungle Show Part 2 (Bonus Stage 2) – Sonic Wings 3 – Neo Geo – Hoso-Q (Video System)
  3. Stage Approach – Gradius Galaxies – Gameboy Advance – Kaori Takazoe, Hirofumi Sano, Shigemitsu Goto
  4. Far From The Cloud Sea (Cloud Stage) – Strikers 1945 II – Arcade – Masaki Izutani
  5. Stage 2 – Section Z – NES – Kumi Yamaga, Tamayo Kawamoto
  6. Last Words (Ending) – DoDonPachi Dai-Fukkatsu Black Label Arranged – Arcade – Manabu Namiki
  7. 8 Bit Rox (Guardian Legend) – Prozak
  8. Bullet Hell Monday Chiptune Remix – Masayuki Ito
  9. Chapter 4 – Bullet Hell Monday – Android, iOS – Masayuki Ito



Episode 12-1 Shmups with Chris Baines Music

When I think of shmups, I think of grazing bullets, exploding pop-corn, 1CC’s, and the STG bible: The Full Extend of the Jam. But let’s get into the music! We’re joined by VGM rock-MASTER Chris Baines to share our favorite 2D shooter music! He shares his love of all things Gradius, and we get into how there’s so many awesome jazz-licks in these games. Wait are you waiting for? ENEMY APPROACHING!


Do not MISS! Check out Chris Baines Music! Creative adaptations and arrangements of classic VGM with the highest standard of quality!

Go by Chris’s newest solo project, TofuMakoToro! And go to his YouTube page for regular tunes and medleys!

Track list:

  1. Stage 1 – Super R-Type – Super Nintendo – Yasuhiro Kawakami, Takushi Hiyamuta, Hiroshi Kimura
  2. Holo Genjin – Air Zonk – TurboGrafx 16 – Daisuke Morishima, Hihashi Matsushita
  3. Desperate School (Alternate Version) – ESP Ra De – Arcade – Masahiro Kusunoki
  4. Penta – Radiant Silvergun – Sega Saturn – Hitoshi Sakimoto
  5. Wings of Fate – Caldrius Blaze – Playstation 4 – Manubu Namiki, Yoshimi Kudo, Azusa Chiba
  6. Dirty City – Sonic Wings 3 – NeoGeo CD – Hoso-Q
  7. Burning Heat 3 Option Mix – DDR Max 2 – Arcade – Mrt. T with Motoaki Furukawa
  8. Twinbee Theme – RockAnime
  9. Warning – Toho Euro Flash Vol. 2 (Touhou 11 Subterranean Animism, Solar Sect of Mystic Wisdom)
  10. Jaws (NES) Metal Cover Medley – Chris Baines Music
  11. Stage 3 – Scorpius – X68000 – Norio Nakagata, Yusuke Takahama

Download episode 12-1 here!