Episode 28-2 Antigravity Racing


We’re leaving friction and gravity behind in this week’s super fast podcast! Racing games always have some of the best music, but it gets even awesomer once you take away the wheels! Stay tuned for a smooth-jazz / progressive-techno filled bonus round at the end of the episode too!

Track list

  1. Jody Summer’s Theme – F-Zero: GX – GameC11ube – Daiki Kasho
  2. The Long Distance of Murder – F-Zero X – N64 – Taro Bando
  3. Cup Credits – F-Zero: Maximum Velocity – Game Boy Advance – Masaru Tajima, Mitsuteru Furukawa, Naoto Ishida
  4. Blackwater Falls – Jet Moto – PlayStation – Chuck E. Meyers
  5. Night of Big Blue – F-Zero AX – Arcade – Naoto Ishida, arranged by Hidenori Shoji
  6. Muon Harbor – Extreme-G Racing 3 – PlayStation 2 – Vitae
  7. Opening Theme: Smooth Jazz Cover (F-Zero) – Yumiko Kanki, arranged by Pee Wee Hill and Michiko Hill. Marc Russo Alto Sax
  8. Xg Race Track 1 Remix (Extreme-G) – mellow sonic
  9. Lightning – F-Zero: Climax (JP only) – Game Boy Advance – Unknown

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