Episode 31-1 Unexpected Multiplayer


So you thought you were playing a single-player game, and you THOUGHT this was just an ordinary video game music podcast. You thought wrong! This week on the show we’re talking about games with unexpected multiplayer modes and unexpected multiplayer experiences! Two-players and one-controller? Why not! Hidden versus-mode? Let’s do this! Podcast with serious jams? You know it!

Track list

  1. Walk The Invisible (Wily Castle 3) – Mega Man 7 – SNES – Takehara (Yuk), Toshihiko Horiyama (Krsk), Makoto Tomozawa (V-Tomozoh)
  2. Title Screen – ChuChu Rocket! – Dreamcast – Tomoya Ohtani
  3. Round About – Guardian Heroes – Norio Hanzawa
  4. Cord E – Armored Core 2 – PlayStation 2 – Tsukasa Saitoh
  5. It’s a Golden Show – Catherine Full Body – Shoji Meguro
  6. Island of Rio – StarSweep – PlayStation – Mitsuhio Arisaka (Axela)
  7. Final Transmission 15th Anniversary Arrangement –  Mega Man Battle Network 3 – Yoshino Aoki arranged by Masahiro Aoki
  8. Ghetto Palm (Final Fantasy VI) – Radiowar
  9. Linked Battle Theme – Golden Sun – Game Boy Advance – Motoi Sakuraba

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