Episode 31-2 Our Top Games of 2021


Have we got a big show for you! Rob and Pernell look back at the year of game releases and listen to tracks from their favorites of 2021! Well, let’s be honest, Pernell is picking from his favorite games. Rob only played one game last year, so he picks from games released last year that he’s stoked to play this year! And you know what, just maybe this time around he’ll do it!

Also in this week’s episode is another board game review! This week Pernell talks about The Night Cage, a new game from Smirk and Laughter games. A game so compelling that the very next day we all played it together! And then played it again!

Track list

  1. Do the Impossible – Chicory: A Colorful Tale – Lena Raine
  2. Boss Theme from Comptons cookoff stage – Psychonauts 2 – Peter McConnell
  3. The Light Manipulator – Unsighted – Fernanda Dias
  4. Power (battle) – Shin Megami Tensei V – Ryota Kozuka
  5. Wretched Rei (Final Boss) – Solar Ash – Disasterpeace
  6. Helios – Returnal – PlayStation 5 – Bobby Krlic
  7. Ballistic – Everhood – Chris Nordgren
  8. Undulating Sands (Grieg: “March of the Dwarfs”) – Dungeon Encounters – Nobuo Uematsu
  9. Unpacking Theme – Unpacking – Jeff van Dyck

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