Episode 31-5 Fly Cry Baby


This week’s episode is all about new classic Neo Geo games, and 1960’s R&B music! We’re picking apart all the flies, byes, and cries from this baby and serving up a musical podcast that will blow your mind! Or at least tap your toes! Pernell gets into the finer points of the 90s Darkstalkers animated series, while Rob imagines the perfect after-school visual novel! And of course, great music from games classic to new!

Track list

  1. Cry Baby – Garnet Mimms and the Enchanters
  2. Stage 5 – Guardians Denjin Makai 2 – Ketsubarishigotose ~yo~
  3. Sweet Love – Magical Date EX – Arcade – Hiroyuki Misawa, Norihiro Furukawa *7
  4. Prison – Crystar – Sakuzyo
  5. BGM 23 (Fleeting Song?) – Shiro Tsume Soua: Episode of the Clovers – Dreamcast – yan
  6. Dungeon Battle 1 – Conception 2: Children of the Seven Stars – 
  7. Bishamon Ending – Darkstalkers: The Nightwarrior – Takayuki Iwai, Hideki Okugawa, Akari Kaida
  8. Touch Fuzzy Get Dizzy Pop Punk Remix (Yoshi’s Island) – SixteenInMono
  9. Returned Soldier’s Rest (Super Star Soldier Arranged) – Dr. Nakahashi (Nozomi Nakahashi), Mr. Hoshi (Keita Hoshi) arranged by Norihiro Tsuru
  10. Stage 2 – Super Star Soldier – PC Engine – Dr. Nakahashi (Nozomi Nakahashi), Mr. Hoshi (Keita Hoshi)

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