Episode 31-6 Nintendo Power Hour: A Tribute to GilvaSunner


This podcast is going to Ninten-do what Nintendo won’t! I mean, Ninten-don’t take this podcast down, Nintendo, please! This week is a sort-of tribute to the great YouTube channel GilvaSunner. GilvaSunner uploaded (mostly) Nintendo soundtracks and took down his channel last month after a flurry of Copyright blocks. I mean, we get it, it’s their licensed property. But YouTube is also one of the few ways to find this music online! So this week we’re going to listen to some awesome Nintendo music in tribute to everyone who uploads video game music on the internet!

Track list

  1. Reef Resort – Kirby Star Allies – Nintendo Switch – Jun Ishikawa
  2. Blackridge Works – Blast Corps – N64 – Graeme Norgate
  3. Palm Tree Groove – Donkey Kong Country Returns – Minako Hamano, Masaru Tajima, Shinji Ushiroda, Daisuke Matsuoka
  4. Royal Raceway – Mario Kart 64 – N64 – Kenta Nagata
  5. Throwback Galaxy – Super Mario Galaxy 2 – Nintendo Wii – Koji Kondo arranged by Shigetoshi Gohara
  6. Break Point – Mario Tennis – N64 – Motoi Sakuraba
  7. Stage Clear (Dr. Luigi) – Masaru Tajima, SilvaGunner mashup with Afterthought by joji ft. BENEE
  8. Yoshi’s On The Beach Ska Cover (Yoshi’s Story) – Kazumi Totaka arranged by ThunderScott, 8BitBradier, TBforGood
  9. Outland Farm – Blast Corps – N64 – Graeme Norton

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