Episode 32-7 Animals


This week on the podcast we’re going bananas for animals! We have cute animals, funny animals, and Muppet animals! We have some great music from some great games starring some great animals! Enjoy the show!

Track list

  1. Sky of the phoenix – Ivy the Kiwi? – Nintendo DS – PROPE (Takase-san)
  2. New York City – Muppet Racemania – PlayStation – Andy Blythe and Marten Joustra
  3. No Joke – Bloody Roar 2 – PlayStation – Takayuki Negishi
  4. Dream Time – Yogi Bear’s Cartoon Capers – Genesis – George Villiers, Ash Hogg
  5. Stage 2-1 – Jumping Flash – PlayStation – Takeo Miratsu
  6. Stage 2, Act 2: Convoy – Mighty Goose – Dominic Ninmark
  7. Banjo Kazooie Final Battle – FamilyJules
  8. Goose On The Loose! (Untitled Goose Game) – Dan Bull
  9. Quiet in the living room – Elebits – Nintendo Wii – Naoyuki Sato, Michiru Yamane

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