Episode 32-10 Stankface Jams 2 with Matt!


Ever heard a song so funky that you could smell it? Your face wrinkles up and you have to shout to anyone who can hear: that is some stanky funk! Well that’s what our show is all about this week, video games that get funky with the funk! Joining us this week is Matt Waldron, co-host of the show Pernell & Matt Play Games! Among other things, we talk about glissandos, arpeggios, and other Italian musical terms and meats and cheeses!

Track list

  1. Michael’s Theme – Maniac Mansion – NES – Dave Govett
  2. Special Zone 2 (Fence)  – Socket – Genesis – Shigenori Masuko, Yoko Suzuki, Fumito Tamayama
  3. Infiltrating the Automobile Club – World’s End Club – Jun Fukuta
  4. Stage 1 – Section Z – NES – Kumi Yamaga, Tamayo Kawamoto
  5. Stage 2 – Sol Feace – Mega CD – Ryota Furuya, Motoi Sakuraba
  6. Prince Fleaswallow – Parappa the Rappa – Playstation – Masay Matsuura with vocals by Ryu, Dred Foxx and Lenky Don
  7. Moonbound SNES (Super Chipfunk) – Protodome
  8. Fight! – A-Rank Thunder: Tanjouhen – Mega CD – Shinobu Ogawa, vocals by Masato Shimon
  9. Curse of The Funk (Castlevania III) – The OneUps
  10. Groovy Tune – Cool Spot – Genesis – Tommy Tallarico

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