Episode 32-9 Dance Music with dedeco VGM DJ!


Grab your glow-sticks and get ready to throw your hands in the air! This week on the show we’re listening to dance and rave music in video games! Joining us is the original VGM DJ: dedeco! He shares with us his passion for music, games, and we talk about how he came about to DJng exclusively with video game music. It’s a great time you do not want to miss!

Track list

  1. Heal (ICO) x Eversummer Island (Ape Escape 3) Mashup – Michiru Oshima, Soichi Terada, arranged by dedeco
  2. Gold Rush – Beatmania IIDX 14: Gold – DJ Yoshitaka-G (Yoshitaka Nishimura) feat. Michael ala Mode
  3. Stage 7A (Aerial Capital) – Zero Gunner 2 – Dreamcast – Masaki Izutani
  4. Show The World (Short Version) – R.Racing Evolution – Yu Miyake
  5. Hip House Compile Classix ‘95 (Theme of Minotaur) – Puyo Puyo DA! Featuring Ellena System – Dreamcast – Masamitsu Niitani
  6. Brawl Breaks – Rabi Ribi – Triodust
  7. Precious Park – Armored Core For Answer – Kota Hoshino
  8. Ice Ridge of Noltia Lunatical Dance Mix (Ys II) -Yuzo Koshiro, Mieko Ishikawa, and Hideya Nagata remixed by Lix
  9. Life Will Change feat. Shannon (Persona 5 Bass House Remix) – Shoji Meguro remixed by dj jo
  10. Fresh Funky Beats Mix – dedeco

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