Episode 33-6 Pirates vs Ninjas with Carlos!


This week we celebrate those that sail the seas looking for adventure, and those who hide in the shadows looking for … um, shurikens? Ninjas and pirates have been popular themes for video games since the beginning of video games! So why not take a look at the music from both! We also talk a bunch about Super Metroid at the beginning, so look out for that ūüėÄ

Joining us on the show is a Rhythm and Pixels all-star: Carlos! Carlos is an artist, gamer, music lover, and co-host of the Heroes Three podcast! Carlos is also an expert on both ninjas and pirates, holding degrees in both fields of study. Meaning, he’s played a lot of video games with pirates and ninjas!

  1. Like a Gale – High Seas Havoc – Genesis – Emi Shimizu, Masaaki Iwasaki
  2. Stage 6 – The Ninja Warriors Once Again – Switch – Hiroyuki Iwatsuki, N. Tate, Hisyoshi Ogura
  3. High Tension (Theme of Galford) Arranged РSamurai Spirits 64 РNeo Geo 64 РShinsekai Gakkyoku Zatsugidan 
  4. Ruby’s Airship РMarvel Vs Capcom 2 РTetsuya Shibata
  5. Schoolyard Theme – Naruto: Clash of Ninja 2 –¬†Gamecube – Shinji Hosoe, Ayako Saso, Masashi Yano, Yosuke Yasui
  6. Snakey Shanty – Donkey Kong Land 2 – Game Boy – David Wise arranged by Grant Kirkhope
  7. Sympathy for the Wolves (KOV XV Ver.) – The King of Fighters XV – Shinsekai Gakkyoku Zatsugidan
  8. Masked Devil (Ninja Gaiden) – banjoguyollie
  9. Whirlwind (Shinobi III) – Shrednobi
  10. Theme – Age of Booty – Xbox 360 – Austin, Hamsterball Studios

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