Episode 33-7 Wildcard Family


There’s no topic this week, just excellent music from some strange new games! We have chill tracks, sexy tracks, punk tracks, and lots of family talk. Speaking of which, Pernell’s nephew makes a surprise appearance to listen to some jams with uncle! Get ready to ooh-and-aww at the family love!

  1. Beautiful Dead – Danganronpa – Masafumi Takada
  2. Gettin’ Down and Dirty – Dialtown: Phone Dating Sim – Nathan Hanover
  3. Moog City – Minecraft – C418
  4. Jungle Kingdom – Toodee and Topdee – Kajnoon
  5. Battle 3 – RPG Maker MZ – Unknown
  6. Green on Green – Death Road to Canada – Joey Grady
  7. Sunset City – Sunset Overdrive – The Bronx
  8. The Travel Agency (Final Fantasy X) – Masashi Hamauzu arranged by Doug Perry
  9. Create (Super Mario Bros.3) Underground Theme – Super Mario Maker – Switch

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