Episode 33-9 Your Masters of VGM


The multi-podcast event “Masters of VGM” isn’t quite over yet! This week we asked our listeners to submit music from composers they consider to be the absolute MASTER of video game music! Everyone is spot-on with excellent music selections, and excellent testimonials! It’s great to hear what you chose, since we had to constrain ourselves to just four!

Also this week is another installment of Pernell’s Board-Game-Beats! This week we’re taking a look at Overboss from Brotherwise Games!

  1. Feel Our Pain – F-Zero GX – Shoji Hidenori
  2. In Open Order – Arkanoid Returns – PlayStation – Yasuhia Watanabe
  3. Daughter of the Dark God – Octopath Traveler – Yasunori Nishiki
  4. Sunset Song – Paradise Killer – Barry Topping
  5. Never To Return – Pyre – Darren Korb, Ashley Barett
  6. Redwood Colonnade – Tunic – Lifeformed x Janice Kwan
  7. Decisive Battle (Final Fantasy VI) – Nobuo Uematsu, Super MadNES
  8. Outskirts of Time – Chrono Trigger – The Blake Robinson Synthetic Orchestra
  9. Alone In The Town – Silent Hill 2 – PlayStation 2 – Akira Yamaoka

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