Episode 33-10 Gambling Games


Rob and Pernell hit the town with dreams to win BIG in this week’s episode! We’re listening to music from video games based on casino games, and other games of chance. We also go on a long tangent about Hanna-Barbera franchise live-action movies. How many were there? Were they any good? Does it have any relevance to the games or music? Probably not, but it was a fun ride!

Don’t forget that you can catch Rhythm and Pixels LIVE at Retro World Expo in Hartford, CT on August 27th! We’ll be bringing our unique blend of music, jokes, and fun for a full 2 hours!

  1. BGM 6 – World Derby – Game Gear – Unknown 
  2. The Casino Bar – Alundra – PlayStation – Kohei Tanaka
  3. Track 5 – The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas (Unreleased) – Dreamcast – Unknown
  4. Step Right Up – Dicey Dungeons – Chipzel
  5. The 2020 – Vegas Stakes – Game Boy – Manami Matsumae
  6. Cornered and Outnumbered – Children of Zodiarcs – Vibe Avenue
  7. Sharpened Sonic (Guile’s Theme) – Street Fighter 6 – Yoshiya Terayama
  8. Final Boss Drum Cover (Fortune Street) – The8BitDrummer
  9. Casino – Persona – PlayStation – Misaki Okibe

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